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Re: Garys' Problem

At 14:32 1999-07-13 -0500, Groosum wrote:
>Nate Piekos wrote:
>I'm would like to hear from other groopies as to their
>(opinion,vote,nomination) for the antithesis of Groo. I guess it doesn't have
>to be a comic book character but since our beloved Groo is, it would be more
>fitting. I am not that versed in the world of comic book characters so the
>only one that comes to mind is Conan, Not the comic book version but Arnold
>Schwarzenegers' version. I know, it's lame but at least he is very ept  :-)

Isn't that Chakaal? Well, they have one thing incommon (swordwielders).
Otherwise she is pretty much the opposite of Groo.

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