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Re: Garys' Problem

Kevin S Hall wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Groosum wrote:
> > I'm would like to hear from other groopies as to their
> > (opinion,vote,nomination) for the antithesis of Groo. I guess it doesn't have
> Find the most Machiavellian (sp?) character you can. That would embody
> every opposite of Groo I can think of. Groo is blissfully ignorant,
> childishly innocent, very direct (if he's hungry, he eats; angry, he
> slays), and Groo uses his swords rather than his head. Hmmm...Bill
> Gates?? He's Groo's financial opposite as well. :)

The most Machiavellian character?  well the end justifies the means..... well I
nominate our own Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.  Those who supports His
ruling party think that  he is the most  complete, intelligent,  person in the
world, never made any mistake in making decisions.  While the  alternatives party
(oppositions) thinks. he had made many mistakes including firing his own deputy
prime minister and then accused him of sodomy, treason, a pawn of the USA, corrupt
and many others (Those accusations are being prooved wrong) and using dirty tactics
in mass media for the coming election while accusing the opposition party using the
same tactics..