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Me at the recent Sci Fi con

I just recently went to the Plano Sci Fi con, and thought I'd share my
experience with everybody here.  The guests there were Darth
Vader(David Prowse), and Darth Maul(Ray Park).  I stood in line to get
thaier autographs, shook Ray's hand, and bought some X-files and star
wars stuff.

But what connects this to the group is that while I was walking around,
wearing mt Stan Sakai Usagi hat(and since Stan letters for Groo...),
and I passed this booth with an indy comic book artist.  I stopped to
look at his artwork, and they sure did like my hat, and said they were
big fans of Sakai and Usagi Yojimbo.

Jacob S.

P.S.  Another thing I like about these cons is that you can talk to
ANYONE in the autograph line for thirty minutes to an hour, even if you
don't know their name, and that's pretty cool.

P.P.S.  I saw TWO of my old friends from high school that I haven't
seen in like two years there.  That was awesome.

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