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Groos' Antithesis

I think this is the best one so far

Ruben Arellano wrote:

> Ok, my nomination is: A Cryogenically Frozen Brain.
> Why?
> 1)It is 100% brain, of which Groo has none.
> 2)It is not mobile, which Groo is highly.
> 3)It can never hurt anything, which Groo does often.
> 4)It is being kept *alive* with money, the oposite of which is usually
> attempted on Groo.
> 5)It's not very funny to look at, which Groo is.
> 6)It doesn't eat, which Groo does.
> and finally,
> 7)It has no pet dog, which Groo has.
> Sillily,
> Ruben.
> Groosum wrote:
> > I'm would like to hear from other groopies as to their
> > (opinion,vote,nomination) for the antithesis of Groo. I guess it doesn't have
> > to be a comic book character but since our beloved Groo is, it would be more
> > fitting. I am not that versed in the world of comic book characters so the
> > only one that comes to mind is Conan, Not the comic book version but Arnold
> > Schwarzenegers' version. I know, it's lame but at least he is very ept  :-)
> >
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