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Re: hello

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, nightflower . wrote:

> hello groop! i am new to this and am pretty stumped on what to write. so i 
> guess i'll just post this and see what happens. :)

Did anything happen? Worst comes to worst you could always declare 
yourself mayor of our mailing list. :) Hey, Nate...is there a link to the 
last Groop awards from your site? That could give newbies a definite feel 
for what we're all about! Actually, I think we ought to move the whole 
Groop Awards site to either Josh's or the Hall. It doesn't take up that 
much space, and it definitely deserves to be preserved!! :)


PS (pssst...if you want to tell any secrets on the list, nightflower, you
have to put them in parentheses, so only the person you're sending them to
will hear them. I did that with Nate last week, and HE said that that 
only works if I ONLY send the email to him & not the whole list. Of 
course, that's ridiculous, because if I only sent it to him, I could 
shout & wouldn't need any parentheses as any fool can plainly see. Don't 
tell him that, though, 'cause I don't want him to think I take him for 
the fool that he is. He really is a nice guy, even if he is a little slow 
of mind.)