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Re: hello

Hey, Nate...is there a link to the 
>last Groop awards from your site? That could give newbies a definite feel 
>for what we're all about! Actually, I think we ought to move the whole 
>Groop Awards site to either Josh's or the Hall. It doesn't take up that 
>much space, and it definitely deserves to be preserved!! :)

~~~~~ Ummm actually... I just realized that there is no link section on the
HoM... hmm.  I really must be slow of mind.  But if anyone wants to see the
Groop Awards for this year, the addy is:  http://members.xoom.com/thegroop
 (I think.)  I thought we were gonna do the awards every year.

~Nate~ What's this, my 3rd post of the day?  4th?  It's starting to feel
like old times.....
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