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ME: Senor Wences (non-groo post mostly)

Does anyone on the list, or especially you Mark as you seem to know these 
things, know if there's ANY way to find some old Senor Wences routines on 
tape?? I'm having the best time of my life right now introducing my 
daughter to the joys of the Bill Cosby records I grew up with, and I 
think she would ADORE some of the Senor Wences stuff (yes, I know the n 
has a tilde over it, but I don't know how to make this goofy unix box do 
that!). :)

In other child-rearing news: Gary, I don't have her running around the 
house yelling "Lindsey does what Lindsey does best!" yet, BUT she's now 
had me read Groo #100 to her 4 times. :)


PS That's the other thing we try to do, nightflower: prepare Mark & 
Sergio for employment for a whole new generation coming up behind us. :)