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On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Nate Piekos wrote:

> ~~~~~ Ummm actually... I just realized that there is no link section on the
> HoM... hmm.  I really must be slow of mind.  But if anyone wants to see the
> Groop Awards for this year, the addy is:  http://members.xoom.com/thegroop
>  (I think.)  I thought we were gonna do the awards every year.

Depends who "we" is. I think they were fun, & well worth doing. I want to 
nominate Chris, Gary, & Ronny to do the next one. That gives them the art 
person, a computer person, and... well... um... Gary! :)

> ~Nate~ What's this, my 3rd post of the day?  4th?  It's starting to feel
> like old times.....

Yes, but there's only been 1 Enchilada post so far. Oops. I said the E word!