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Re: hello

Don't forget folks, that I'm keeping track off all the nominations for
the Groop Awards 2000.  So if read something that you think should be
nominated, or think someone did something really swell, or really
unswell, for the Groop, just post the nomination and I'll file it away
when I read it.

All best,

Kevin S Hall wrote:
> Did anything happen? Worst comes to worst you could always declare
> yourself mayor of our mailing list. :) Hey, Nate...is there a link to the
> last Groop awards from your site? That could give newbies a definite feel
> for what we're all about! Actually, I think we ought to move the whole
> Groop Awards site to either Josh's or the Hall. It doesn't take up that
> much space, and it definitely deserves to be preserved!! :)