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Groo'd Yet Again!

[Note to DOR e-mail Police: This constitutes "diminimus use"]

Hi Folks!

I'm sending this message from work for the first and only time because the
"Groo Influence" has struck again!  My new computer crashed!!  Thank you
Windows 98 and Bill Gates!  At least my dishwasher works. (for the moment)
I think there may be something to the proposition that the reason all this
stuff is happening to me at once  is because of the high concentration of
GROO I have in my house.  But to that I say "Ha!" and "Double Ha!"  In the
true (troo?) Groo spirit, I laugh at Reason, ignore Common Sense, and defy
Prudence (especially defy Prudence, a nasty little girl who used to beat me
up in kindergarten) as continue striving toward my goal of accumulating the
most complete Groo collection in the known universe and
beyonnnndddd.........!!!!!!!!     (Boy, that felt good!)

[note to Glorko, aka Chris Schechner:  Gasp!  Nate has figured out that I'm
an alien!  How do we break it to him that he is our son?!?]