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Re: awards

Greetings Good Groopers!

> Depends who "we" is. I think they were fun, & well worth doing. I want to 
> nominate Chris, Gary, & Ronny to do the next one. That gives them the art 
> person, a computer person, and... well... um... Gary! :)

I would be honored to help out on the Groop Awards if my help is 

BTW: My latest add-on to The Norwegian Groo Page is ALL of The 
Sage's quotes ;-) Compiled a list today, and you can find the 
quotes on the Comicbook Review pages for the original American 
Groo issues where there were stories featuring The Sage.

PS! I DO have a life, just not this week :-)

Yours truly, Ronny Hansen

Webmaster, The Norwegian Groo Page - http://NorwGroo.cjb.net