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Amazon.com's Toy and Electronics stores are now open

A short note to let you know that we've just opened two new
stores: Amazon.com Toys and Amazon.com Electronics. Everyone
here has worked extremely hard to bring you these new stores,
and we're very proud of them.


Since we sold our first book in 1995, we've been committed to
being the most customer-obsessed company in everything we do.
We try to start with customers and work backwards from there.
We hope you'll find this to be the case with these two new
stores. Please take a look, and we'd love to hear from you if
you have suggestions or comments (of course, we'd like to hear
the good things, but critical comments are especially helpful).

Thanks again for your continued support.


Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO

P.S. For those keeping score at home, the first book we ever
sold was "Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies," Douglas
Hofstadter's extraordinary look at artificial intelligence and
machine learning.

P.P.S. In our Toy store, you'll not only find everything you
need for kids (from Star Wars figures to Teletubbies to Lamaze),
but you'll also find a whole toys-for-grownups section (office
toys, classic games, puzzles, etc.). A true story about this
grownups section: When we had our first design meeting, we
referred to it as "Adult Toys." After 30 seconds, and quite a
bit of laughter, we realized it would certainly need a different
name. :-)

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