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Re: wow!!

Gary and Chris wrote:
>>[note to Glorko, aka Chris Schechner:  Gasp!  Nate has figured out that
>>an alien!  How do we break it to him that he is our son?!?]
>Damn, Gary, you used brackets, not parentheses. Now he knows!
It can't be true.
It can't be. It simply can't be. 
No, I can't believe that it is.
I just can't believe that brackets don't work the same way as parentheses.
say it ain't so...

urinetoast wrote:
>~~~~ Or wonder when Chris is gonna make good on his promise of a >MULCH!
Yeah, glorko, when ARE you going to make a Mulch! comic?
To all you groopers/ies/midnight tokers out there that haven't had a chance
to see Chris' artwork...you don't know what you're missing!
note to Chris : pressure, pressure, pressure.

Kevin Hall wrote:
> Do we allow mindless babble on the Groo list, you guys? I don't think so!
Of course we do.
We only don't allow mayors, right?
What is mindless babble anyway?
Is it edible?

I-can't-believe-it's-not-cheesedip! tm
- Bubble
one email and another email and this one makes...four?