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Son of...

>[note to Glorko, aka Chris Schechner:  Gasp!  Nate has figured out that I'm
>an alien!  How do we break it to him that he is our son?!?]

~~~~~ Nooooo.  NOOOOOOOO! That's impossible! 

 ~Nate~ (and other Empire Strikes Back quotes.)  BTW I was just thinking.
I had an idea for a GROO issue and since I'm about to spill it here, it'll
never happen, but picture this:  GROO comes upon a town that's already been
trashed.  Upon further inspection, it is discovered that a young lad
trashed the place.  GROO runs into the boy and they are *uncannily*
similar.  Perhaps Sage wanders on to the scene and suggests that it's
GROO's son.  (remember, in his early days, GROO seemed to have slightly
more luck with the ladies.)  Of course in the end it would turn out to be
false because the kid's real parents (a human female and some giant
slobbering ogre) show up to claim him.
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