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Groo News from M.E.!

First off, there's a slight chance that the start of the next GROO
mini-series will be moved from December to January.  I'll let you know
next week.

The next collection -- THE GROO INFERNO -- is set for September.  The
collected paperback of the GROO & RUFFERTO mini-series will come out
in March of 2000 and will include a special "added feature" that I
hope will make it worth the price to those of you who bought the four
issues in the first place.

As you all know, the annual ComicCon International is being held in
San Diego from August 12-15 this year.  Sergio and I are both Guests
of Honor.

I am moderating a ton of panels but only a few relate to my own work.
On Thursday afternoon at 4:00, I'll be doing a question-and-answer
session about my non-Sergio work.

Then on Friday afternoon at 1:30, we'll have The Sergio and Mark Show,
which will focus on GROO and our other collaborations.  Present will
be Sergio, myself, Stan Sakai, Tom Luth and our Dark Horse editor,
Scott Allie.

And on Sunday afternoon, time to be determined, Sergio will conduct an
art class for children.  (All these times are subject to change, by
the way.)

Sergio will probably NOT have his usual table in the exhibit hall, by
the way.  He will have a few drawings with him for sale but you'll
probably have to either run into him or see him after the Friday panel
if you're interested.  He is going to drastically cut down (he claims)
on the number of autographs he is willing to sign...but we'll see.    

More to come.

Mark Evanier
PMB 303
363 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3124