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Salutations Groopies,
I't good to be back (though I don't remember leaving)
I had "problems" with my computer, and was unable to
access the internet all togather for the past few

Yep, you guessed it, this is gonna be a loooong letter.

First of all, Gary, don't let a little thing like a
disaster come between you and Groo.  I KNOW.  As my
collection of Groo slowly increases, so does little
"Grooish" incidents of my life.  For the past couple
of weeks, it's been my computer.  It strategically
crashes right after I click "save file" after spending
about an hour to put finishing touches on "Unaccountable
Man" (A pet project I keep my self busy with until
Summer classes begin again).  Other times, the internet
connection just seem to disconnect, just as I'm about
to check my e-mail box.

Nate, your nickname just seem to get longer and weirder
with each otherworldly addition.  BTW, I AM an alien.
I'm from Bangladesh.

Nightflower, welcome to the Groop.  Just out of
curiosity you're not a South American College
professor are you?




So what's the plan so far on the next Rufferto awards?


P.S. The Groo lunch-box ROCKS!

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