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I'll Never Give Up my Groo!!!!

Hi Folks!
Well, I think everything is finally back to "normal" (always a relative term at the Grossmann house.  What's really frightening is that among me and my 4 siblings, I am considered the stable, normal one!)  And I am not even "Erin M. Curtis" anymore. 
I got through all the e-mails and I would also be honored to help put together the 2000 Groop Awards as long as you all realize I don't know how to do art or techy stuff.  Hmm, since I don't know how to do anything substantive, I guess that means I get to be the boss!!  I know the Title Maidens would be happy if I was stuck (locked?) in a remote broadcast booth during the virtual festivities.
by the way, that stuff about being an alien and Nate being Glorko's..I mean Chris' and my son, well, uh, I was just kidding.  Forget about it.  Completely.  And if you hear anything about the triagulation of North America and Maluuluu's Dunobian Vortex Proposition, well, forget about that too.  However, there is a spot a little east of Winnepeg that is equa-distant from Olympia Washington, Dallas Texas, and Rhode Island (homes of me, Chris, and Nate)  that I would stay away from if I were you. 
Sleep tight -Gary G.