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Re: Malaysian Groo reprints

Erin M. Curtis wrote:

> Hi Azamin!
> First of all, please go ahead and use $10 of Groo credit to get The Sun
> librarian the gift.  That sounds great.
> It is really strange that the rest of 1998 is photocopies after they had
> actual reprints from early 1998.  Darn!!  Also, what did the librarian say
> about those1997 reprints I listed that must have been skipped because the
> Megazine also had a Rufferto reprint?
> Thanks so much for all your work!  -Gary G.

Hi Gary/Erin M curtis?????

Why did your name changed to Erin M curtis?.  Are you in the witness
protection programe where you have to change your name to avoid Groo who just
wrecked your house and you're the witness?   Anyway, what's your mailing
software you use? maybe some of groopers can help you to get out of the
Witness protection program and be gary Groossmann again.

Thanks for the answer,  I'll scan it first and send it to you/HOM page before
I give it to the Sun Library staffs.  I think the original one of early 1998
were available becausethere was more than 2 copies of the newspaper but for
the remaining issues of 1998   they have only 1 copy for each issues.
Actually they stopped reprint Rufferto cartoon in 1998.

Opps, about the missing 1997 reprints, I forgot to ask them.  But I'll go to
the national library to investigate plus I want to find Sergio's interview
with The Men's Rview magazine.

Azamin "I'm not in the Witness Protection Program" Zainol Abidin."