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Re: Erin & the Knight

YN3 Gabriel Owens wrote:
> > >Hmm.. this Erin guy keeps claiming to be our own DESSESBO.
> > (Psst Gary -- "Erin" is a girl's name.  But don't worry, I
> > won't tell anyone.)
>         (Hmmm, another conspiracy.  I know of male Erins.  Alien
> hermaphrodites on the GROOP?  The plot thickens (or sickens depending).

Hmmm...the only male "Erin"s I know of are "Aaron"s, of course, I
might err in this errand. Ouch. Well, somebody had to. Actually, not
really, but I did anyway.

The Knight Who Says Cheesedip wrote:

> fried Ocelot and mulched CDs... ooooh my head hurts.... where am I? I think
> i'll just lurk some more... I'll not interrupt you people again... unless
> you ask me to... or if you start confusing the knight's head again... that
> is not good... head must be left alone....

Is it just me, or is our Knight starting to sound a bit "Squirrel"ly?
You may want to watch out for Unirabbit, Knight!

Kevin "Samantha Worthington Smythe" Hall

PS Nanu nanu, Lil' Glorko
PPS (Of course, most of you don't realize that "nanu nanu" is a
universal curse amongst aliens often accompanied by an obscene hand
gesture. Most humans think it's some sort of cute greeting, but the
aliens are just having us on!)