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G&R in Australian Mag

Picked up a copy of an Australian magazine called "Sergio's MAD 
Australian Tour" published in 1994.  Turned out to be a bonanza for 
Groo and Rufferto sightings that I've not seen published in the US (or 
elsewhere) before!  

On the cover is color photo of Sergio in front of artwork that includes 
Rufferto as well as Groo's hand holding a sword (the rest of Groo is 
cropped off).  Inside is another original feature called "Sergio 
Aragones Look at Australia".  Rufferto appears on page 4 of this 
feature and both Groo and Rufferto appear on page 6.  Groo is also 
mentioned in a short interview on page 7.  Finally, there are numerous 
B&W photos of Sergio inside that I had not seen before and original 
full color illustrations on the inside back cover and back cover.  The 
rest of the issue is reprinted material from the US MAD.

Ruben and Gary, please note for the Sergiography and Groo List!

Mike S.