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Re: Erin & the Knight

> >Is it just me, or is our Knight starting to sound a bit "Squirrel"ly?
> >You may want to watch out for Unirabbit, Knight!
fried squirrels?
with cheesedip?

> Where?!? 
> Please, don't hurt the Knight Unirabbit... please... the knight is just a
> bit dizzy today... I am not a squirrel... just delirious. But soon I will
What? Fuzzy...delicious...

> at my full strength, then all evil doers will suffer at the end of my
> flaming sword of justice... or the lot of you will just have to through a
Flaming sword...barbeque...*drool!*

> -"All right! That's it! It's gotten Silly!"
>         John Cleese, Monty Python's Flying Circus
Cheese? Did someone say cheese?
Cheesedip. mmmmm.

You know what this means.