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Re: G&R in Australian Mag

Hi Folks!

Mike, could you please let me know the name of the publisher and the month
it came out (if included with the year) so I can fill in the blanks on it's
line on the Groo List.

O.K., attention all you Australian and New Zealand Groopies  (You knew this
was coming)  I am now searching for this new Groo sighting discovery of
Mike's.  If any of you can find this wonderful little publication and are
willing to give it up, I will be more than happy to make you an offer you
can't refuse in Groo items.

Thanks for your consideration.  Glory and prizes await.

Take care all -Gary G.

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From: Slaubaugh,Mike <Slaubau@IPFW.EDU>
To: groop@groo.com <groop@groo.com>
Date: Saturday, July 17, 1999 1:12 PM
Subject: G&R in Australian Mag

>Picked up a copy of an Australian magazine called "Sergio's MAD
>Australian Tour" published in 1994.  Turned out to be a bonanza for
>Groo and Rufferto sightings that I've not seen published in the US (or
>elsewhere) before!
>On the cover is color photo of Sergio in front of artwork that includes
>Rufferto as well as Groo's hand holding a sword (the rest of Groo is
>cropped off).  Inside is another original feature called "Sergio
>Aragones Look at Australia".  Rufferto appears on page 4 of this
>feature and both Groo and Rufferto appear on page 6.  Groo is also
>mentioned in a short interview on page 7.  Finally, there are numerous
>B&W photos of Sergio inside that I had not seen before and original
>full color illustrations on the inside back cover and back cover.  The
>rest of the issue is reprinted material from the US MAD.
>Ruben and Gary, please note for the Sergiography and Groo List!
>Mike S.