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Re: Groopads.

Subject: Re: Groopads.

I was very pleased to get back from a Grooless 3 months in Saudi Arabia to
find a couple of packages waiting for me here in Hamilton, New Zealand.

My Groopads, (1 priceless set for me to treasure and display proudly, and a
set I used as presents for other Groo Fans who will appreciate them. Thanks
heaps to Nate and Ruben for all their work in organising these for us.

Also to much surprise, a package from the Queen of Florida herself,
Unirabbit in a fit of unselfish goodwill, I got the princely gift of a dozen
Groo Trading Cards. I also got some of the same ones from ME as part of his
promo on them some months back. Perhaps I should have emailed the Groop to
say I had the ones I needed - Did I Err ? ? ? ?

Thanks anyway Tracey - It was a very pleasant surprise.

So I have a couple of spares here still.

I also had a pile of comics from my shop where the manager is holding all my
copies for me until I get a few weeks back home to go and pay for them and
read them all to catch up.

Loved the entire Fanboy collection ME, good art, good story, and good gags.

Looking forward to a big stock of comics for xmas next time I get back.


Greg Craill
New Zealand