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Re: Running Gags

Hmmm . . . .  What about the definition of mulching ? I thought that was a
particularly amusing gag purely because in itself it is not really amusing.
Who said Groopers were unbalanced ?

In fact I thought it was so amusing I had it translated into Arabic for you
all, unfortunately I forgot to copy the Arabic fonts I used so you may have
to download one to tell it's still not funny.


Greg Craill
New Zealand (sometimes)

> ME: It's all instinct.  As a matter of fact, when the fan mail starts
> to mention a running gag, I generally assume it's time to retire it.
> The "what pirates?" was not planned.  The only running gag I ever
> really planned as a running gag was the "slow of mind" joke.  I wanted
> to see if I could make the recognition time longer and longer and
> longer.

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