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I feel better now

Well, there seems to have been more to the conspiracies that are afoot
here as I had a modem get fried a couple weeks back making me the
third Groopie/Grooper/Midnight Toker to have had computer trouble in
that time.

Of course as I knew, I got back the Groop, which had been very quiet
for weeks suddenly had a burst of blabbering silliness [that must be
what I stepped in] so that with spam and other mail lists I had nearly
200 messages fly in this week and boy are my arms tired.

Anyway, now I can go back to not writing to the Groop...again..oh
wait, I was doing that anyway wasn't I? Now you guys have even got me

Jason Wade wacko42@rocketmail.com
My film company:
ICQ# 31151173

P.S. I didn't get to mention this before the modem died. I wanted
thank Chad for coming down here to work on my movie and let you all
know what a great guy he is [despite all those stories you've heard].

Pp..S. So now I have to use brackets to make a parenthetical remark if
I want anybody to hear me? Does this seem Grooish to anyone else?
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