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Re: Fwd: FW: GAK! I'm Still Erin!

>>~~~~ As a matter of fact, I do.... this is difficult for me to say...
>>but.... I ---- I had cold chinese food for lunch today... and I didn't have
>>a fork so I had to use the plastic lid from a dunkin donuts cup like a
>>shovel.  I'm not proud of it.
>One word nate; FREAK
>you're a freaking freak of nature... that's why we like you

~~~~~ Thanks, but there is a reason.  My finacee and I are refininshing a
house, and we spent all morning painting/scraping etc. in an empty house in
100 degree heat.  Like I told Chris Schechner, I would have eaten whatever
I could've caught in the basement if I hadn't remembered the leftover
chinese.... but of course, it's an empty house... no forks.  A little
hunting and inventiveness and voila!  A dunkin donuts lid/utensil!

~Nate ~ See?  it all makes sense now right?  RIGHT?! Right.
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