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ooooh, Compost

> ~Nate ~ See?  it all makes sense now right?  RIGHT?! Right.
Um, whatever you say Glorko jr. Uh, I be-leeeeve you. right.
Uh, space aliens are often trusworthy, especially your kind.
You are proximians right? Or are you Wooligans?

And some cultures do use their hands to eat. 
I'll let Lia explain if you bother asking.

> >Could Tennille be feeling a bit peckish?
Could be. Could be.
hee hee hee

> I'm afraid...
> the Knight
Be afraid, be very very afraid.
Mwah hah hah hah hah hah hah.
*Very evil, wicked, maniacal grin*


> You Groopers have funny names.......
>                   Lucky Cat
Um, thank you...lucky cat...