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"Sparky" Urinetoast

Well folks, as if my cold chinese food without a fork story wasn't
enough...... tonight I truly earned the nickname, that Chris gave
me...."sparky".   I have officially been electrocuted.  

While painting what will soon be the new AKF Comics office on the 2nd floor
of my new house, I was using an antique lamp as a light source during a
raging thunderstorm. (not smart)  Paint paint paint whoops!  dropped the
lamp, lightbulb blows.  Go find a lightbulb. paint paint paint, whoops.
bump the freakin lamp again... get another lightbulb.... paint paint paint,
almost drop the lamp again (no more lightbulbs) grab it w/ my left hand at
the last instant.  There was then a shower of sparks and my left arm turned
into a vice grip around the lamp. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP!  AAAAAAAAAAARGH!  I
was numb up to my bicep for a few minutes and I still feel weird.  Good
thing I draw righthanded!  I guess I grooed.

~Nate "Sparky" Urinetoast.
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