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Re: "Sparky" Urinetoast

Way to go, Nate,

glad you're still with us. But hey, you're not the only one who's been fried.

A coupla years ago I worked on a construction site and had to wire some new
installations. While tying up some loose ends (literally) somebody accidentally
switched on the power. Now we're talking 380 V AC here which is enough to blow
your fuze - and a lot of other things, too.

I felt a surge go through my body like I had held onto white lighting - all the
lights in my head were flashing like some broken neon sign telling me to let
go. Fortunately I did let go immediately - but not before about a zillion
sparks entered my left hand and raced to my heart making it go way out of

As I was standing on top of a wooden table at the time the current didn't pass
through my whole body but I ended up breakdancing on the table top anyway. It
took three men and the better part of ten minutes to get me back in line.

The funny thing was that my heart had irregular beats for almost 4 weeks
thereafter even missing some along the way. Well now I think it's funny - being
alive to joke about it. Back then it had me really worried: Yes - me worry!

So, to everybody out there in Grooland: Take care and keep away from too much
High Voltage....
Take it from somebody who knows

MAD-Andy - ol' blue sparks

Nate Piekos schrieb:

> ~~~~ Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking as my arm turned into a
> tingling meat club and sparks filled the corner of the room... "Gee.  I
> better try to let go of the lamp... or I won't be able to read GROO!"

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