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Electrified Groopies!!!!!!!

Hi Folks!

Good grief, there are a lot of fried nerve endings out there in Groopie
land!!  At least that explains why you are Groo fans. (Or is it because you
are Groo fans?)  Having never done the Ben Franklin Break Dance, I don't
know what my excuse is.  Although I did fall on my head alot as a child.
Then there was the time I sprayed gasoline in my eyes, and a nasty episode
involving an ill-advised combination of pain killers, caffeine, and a lack
of sleep, and the time.......Hmmm.  But I digress.

Anywho Eric, I am going to San Diego and I know Shane is too.  I'm sure
there are others.  We should probably all get together at the GROO panel, if
nowhere else.

Well, everyone take care!!!! (And stay away from electric appliances and
lightning storms!!!)

-Gary G.

PS  My computer works, the phone line is fixed PROPERLY, the dishwasher
works, there is no longer a leak under the sink, and the pump house plumbing
has been replaced.  If I could just find that Australian Sergio book,
everything would be cool!  Now pardon me, I see a live wire I need to grab