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Re: Q for ME

 And the first Groo story in
>DESTROYER DUCK #1 presented a problem.  The film could not be found
>and Sergio couldn't find the original art...so he redrew it.  (What's
>funny is that, at the time we realized we'd have to do this, we'd
>already done a page in which I had Sergio say he would redraw all the
>old stories because it was faster than finding the old art...)

~~~ Hmm... which brings up an interesting discussion:  If Sergio redrew it,
is it not really a reprint, but a remake?  Without even the original art
handy, Sergio would have to redraw from memory (and didn't ME say that they
don't do conventional scripts? So they wouldn't even have that...)  Work in
the fact that Sergio would have to immitate his old style of drawing --
being an artist, I can say that development of style is equally nature and
nurture, and hard to undo... but then again, Sergio is a master of
imitation when he needs to be--  (can someone who has both, compare them,
or maybe scan the same page from each so we can analyze it?)

verrrrry interesting.


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