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Re: Q for ME

Nate Piekos wrote:

> I was wondering... There are a lot of repreints (collections) of GROO
> issues... how does it work where the art is concerned?
> When you go to reprint, do you simply reprint from computer files saved at
> the time of the first printing?  Or master sheets (seperations etc.) used
> by the printer the first time around?
> If so, that means there are master sheets/seperations  out there for almost
> every page of every comic in existence.... where do they keep them all? Are
> they filed at the printer's or does every comic publisher have a huge
> library of master prints?

I don't know how exectly they reprint Malaysian Groo, but I was told by The Sun
newspaper's library people that they use the original Groo comic books as a
source to reprints.  Maybe they scann the comic pages as some of the reprints
drawings suffers a bit less quality than the original drawings.  maybe after
the reprints were printed, they delete/destroy the files as it may only just a
scanned images of Groo comic book pages.

The Malaysian Groo reprints connector