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Re: Q for ME

Make sure that you resave these regularly. Electronic media such as floppy disks
etc. can go off if not used regularly. The media loses its magnetism and so data
can be lost. Same goes for any type of media that uses magnetic fields, DAT,
cassettes (noticed that the quality of your music deteriorates over time, it's
not becuase you play the tapes too much rather it is because you let them sit
and then play them).

The safest way to store digital info is probably CD ROM. It's still digital but
it's not magnetic.

Dieter :)#

> The Dark Horse issues are the first to be separated on computer.  The
> computer files are all stored away for future use.  And starting with
> the next mini-series, Tom Luth will not only be doing the coloring but
> he'll be doing the separations on computer, as well (as he did on
> FANBOY) so he will also have the computer data.
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