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Shhh....I'm hunting wabbits

Well, since it is so quiet, I will take it upon myself to post
something, and it is Groo related!
( No more e-mail hoaxes! ).
I just re-read 53 and thought I would comment on the last page of the
story. It is picturing Rufferto, sitting by the ocean at sunset, pining
the loss of Groo ( Who was on a ship with Pal and Drumm ). When Groo
comes out of the ocean, Rufferto is ecstatic. Just like any dog acts
when his/her master comes home. The moral was -

True friends are friends to the end,
and even after that.

It was touching or maybe I'm just touched!

ps. ME, in the Groo-Grams in above issue, there is a comment about your
name appearing in the credits of Garfield and Friends, I guess I should
read all the Groo-Grams for answers/FAQ's instead of posting my
revelations to the groop ( not! ). Funny, someone remarks on it in 89, I
notice it ten years later! ( Slow of mind? )
Groosum - "Into the fray!"