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Re: Comic Care

"rather anal"?  Moi?

Actually, I don't store stuff any different from anyone else.  Just your
basic bags and boards in chronoliogical order in your basic short boxes.
Someone explained to me that you need to buy non-acid boards so the cover
colors don't get screwed up, but I'm really no expert.  My comic collection
only consists of Groo, Usagi Yojimbo, the various DNAgents/Crossfire runs,
and ANYTHING with a Groo appearance or Groo related.  It's the "and
ANYTHING...." category, and my attempt to list them is a rational manner as
well as collect every last one of them, that has earned me a spot in the
hearts (and notebooks) of Freudians.     Good luck -Gary G.

PS  If you are into preserving the Groos for the sake of maintaining the
integrity of the art and color, then you should buy the Groo Chronicles and
the alphabet tradepaperback reprints.  They are done on great paper that
won't really age that much.  The original comic books were done on typical
lousy newsprint and will eventually turn to mulch no matter what you do.

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Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 3:49 AM
Subject: Comic Care

>I have a question for dessesbo, since you are famed at being rather anal
>about your comics. What method do you use for caring for/storing your
>comics? I am working on my third long box and I would like to ensure
>they are stored properly. Thanks for your time
>Groosum - "Into the fray!"