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I came home today and found that my GROO STATUE had SOMEHOW FALLEN FROM ITS PERCH ON THE BOOKCASE SHELF ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    ARGGHH!!!!   THE HILT OF THE SWORD WAS (I can hardly bring myself to write it) BROKEN OFF!!!!!   AND IT HAD A COUPLE SCRAPES ON THE EDGE OF THE POOP AND THE TIPS OF RUFFERTO'S EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    OHHHHH, THE AGONY.  AHHHHHH, THE SORROW!!!!!  NO, NO, don't try to console me.  I am inconsolable.  (Wait I thought I was Gary. or was it Erin?)  WAIL, WAIL, WAIL!!!!!     WHINE, WHINE, WHINE!!!!!!!!
OK, enough of that.  Alright all you experts, what kind of glue should I use?  What kind of paint do I use?  Any guesses on the exact color of the shiny poop?  And don't be surprised if the next time a Groo statue comes up on ebay, you see me bidding on it.  Jeez laweez, it's been a crappy month in certain ways.  On the other hand, if the worst thing that happens to you is that some piece of tangible personal property gets messed up, how bad can things be?
Hey you Glorko!  Is the "Coming soon" mulch our collaboration? 
Hey you Keith Lillies Newbie person!   The creator of Groo is not on this mailing list.  I don't think Sergio has a computer.  His co-writer Mark Evanier is on the line and tells us all sorts of cool stuff, but mostly we are silly.  Go to http://www.piekosarts.com/mendicants  and/or www.groo.com   for starters. 
And by the way, those prices in Wizard are very high end.  If you have any patience, you can get them cheaper than that.  Check out ebay. 
Take care all and secure your Groo (sob) Statues. -Gary G.