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Irony of ironies!  We're having rough seas these last two days.  I didn't
properly "secure for sea" last night and when I came in this morning, my
office was trashed!  What's worse, I had laundry soap sitting in one of the
shelves and it got all over a bunch of paperwork and the deck (floor).
Luckily the Groos I have on the ship are properly stowed away below decks
(downstairs).  Always make sure stuff's properly secured!  Worst thing ever,
when I first came to the ship three (!) years ago, we were watching TV in my
old office and it wasn't properly secured.  In disbelief, we watched as it
slowly fell off the file cabinet (with that look on our faces "I KNOW that
TV's not falling").  Broke totally and we didn't have a TV for almost a

Gabe the unsecured wandering dog assasin
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!