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Sergio in Newsweek

This one's probably a bit too obscure for even the Sergiography, but 
there is short item on the new "Totally MAD" CD-ROM set in the August 
2, 1999 issue of NEWSWEEK (the product itself won't hit the shelves 
until at least August 3).  Accompanying the text is a small photo of a 
screen from the program which includes an even smaller index page with 
Aragones marginals.  

I was a beta tester on the project and had reported to the Groop that 
Groo was listed in the search index of that version, but it only cited 
a few of the many Groo appearances in MAD.  I sent them Gary's list, 
but instead of adding the ones that were omitted, apparently the 
decision was made to remove the Groo listing from the search index 

Mike S.