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Defending the box

I have to say, I'm a little disenchanted with the lunch box after what
happened yesterday...

So I go to my usual comic haunt to check my "subscription box", and I ask
if the guy ordered my GROO lunchbox.  (Now, I've known this guy for a
while, we're sorta friends)  ... and he says, "Yeah." and shakes his head.
"It's the only one I ordered."  

Nate:  Why?
Owner: You're the only person who would pay 20 bucks for a lunchbox.
There's going to be a Usagi one too, but I didn't think you would shell out
40 bucks for lunchboxes!
Nate:  Well, what about all those MARVEL ones on the wall?
Owner: 8 bucks each.
Customer (chiming in): 20 bucks for a GROO LUNCHBOX?!  GROO?!  It probably
cost them 2 bucks to make it!
Nate: Well, uh, yeah, you're right... but...
Owner: The price limit on those should have been no more than 15 bucks.  20
is ridiculous.  I won't even stock them.  No one will pay it, and GROO just
isn't a big demand.

So this went around in circles for 15 minutes, and I walked out of there
feeling like a moron for paying 20 bucks on a lunchbox... I mean, 20 bucks
is a lot of money!  I could fill my gas tank twice with that.   I tried to
remind myself that I was being a good GROO fan, supportive and all, but I
think this is my last non-comic GROO purchase if the prices don't ease off.

~Nate~ sigh.
Nate Piekos        nate@piekosarts.com

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