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Re: Defending the box

>So this went around in circles for 15 minutes, and I walked out of there
>feeling like a moron for paying 20 bucks on a lunchbox... I mean, 20 bucks
>is a lot of money!  I could fill my gas tank twice with that.   I tried to
>remind myself that I was being a good GROO fan, supportive and all, but I
>think this is my last non-comic GROO purchase if the prices don't ease off.

There is not object in the world that is actually worth what it costs Mr. Nate!

That object is worth what you're willing to pay for it! If you have any
qualms are second thoughts, then maybe you don't really want that
particular item???

This is how my theory works!!! If you like, who cares what others think!!!!!!!

Remember that you're buying this item for yourself!!!! Not for that other
Schmoe in the comic book store!
Dr. Clarke

backslash dot com all day long!