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Re: AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!

There are types of superglue designed especially for ceramics.  I would
go with one of those 'cause the ceramic is slightly porous and may
absorb some of the regular superglue.

There are some paint shops that can custom match a color to some object
you bring them, by using a computer gizmo.  I've only seen them for home
hardware type stuff, but they may exist for hard core model painters

All best,

PS: don't put any of the glue on your lips!

> Gary Grossmann wrote:
> OK, enough of that.  Alright all you experts, what kind of glue should
> I use?  What kind of paint do I use?  Any guesses on the exact color
> of the shiny poop?  And don't be surprised if the next time a Groo
> statue comes up on ebay, you see me bidding on it.  Jeez laweez, it's
> been a crappy month in certain ways.  On the other hand, if the worst
> thing that happens to you is that some piece of tangible personal
> property gets messed up, how bad can things be?