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Re: Groo Playing Cards

Those types of cards actually exist (without Groo on them).  My father
(who is Spanish) has a couple sets of them, and I've seen them quite a
bit in Latin and Italian house holds.  I think they're standard in the
Medetarian area.  You may want to check out any Latin/Italian/Greek/etc.
shops in your area.  If you have trouble, let me know and I'll keep an
eye open for you....

Good luck,

Chad Riden wrote:
> Ya know, everytime I see someone playing cards in Groo I think about
> how cool it would be to have a Groo Deck. 'Cause they're all
> interesting cards: I've seen a 5 of daggers... there's always a card
> with goblets on it... they've always drawn me in.