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Re: Defending the box

One day I realized that I had been taken in by a lot of really crappy
box office (and rental) movies for 8 bucks plus (Canadian).  I made a
decision that I would be much more prudent in supporting those ripoffs
-- which is what they are because they advertise to you that it is such
a great movie, and then you groan at all the terrible parts which ruin
it -- and more liberal with my support of a quality production like
Groo.  I mean, it may cost a lot, but at least it is good quality.  I'd
rather that than a lot of things that are cheap (like a movie), but poor


Nate Piekos wrote:
> So this went around in circles for 15 minutes, and I walked out of there
> feeling like a moron for paying 20 bucks on a lunchbox... I mean, 20 bucks
> is a lot of money!  I could fill my gas tank twice with that.   I tried to
> remind myself that I was being a good GROO fan, supportive and all, but I
> think this is my last non-comic GROO purchase if the prices don't ease off.