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Groo Tarot cards (the Major Arcana)?? :)

I know Sergio & Mark have MORE than enough work, and this isn't even in 
the running, but this would be an incredible set. :) What are some of 
people's choices for the Major Arcana? Be warned, the meanings are 
sometimes slightly different than the names would suggest. I tried to put 
VERY brief oversimplified meanings below.

 0 The Fool - Groo (without care; ignorant; not considering consequences)
 1 The Magician - (in control; can work with what you have)
 2 The Priestess - (wise, good decision-maker)
 3 The Empress - (growth, resourcefulness, good provider)
 4 The Emperor - (control, authority, power)
 5 The Heirophant - (spiritual guidance, conservativeness)
 6 The Lovers - Groo & Rufferto (union, partnership)
 7 The Chariot - a fray (resolve, overcoming obstacles, triumphing)
 8 Strength - Chakaal (strength)
 9 The Hermit - Sage? (solitude, meditation, introspection)
10 The Wheel of Fortune - (chance, fate, luck)
11 Justice - (balance, harmony, fairness)
12 The Hanged One - (seeking spirituality or wisdom)
13 Death - (transition, great change)
14 Temperance - (ability to mold or temper things or situations)
15 The Devil - (indebtedness to person or thing, under its control)
16 The Tower - Captain Ahax & a ship (ruin, catastrophe, setbacks)
17 The Star - (light at the end of tunnel; dark now, better later)
18 The Moon - (arcane, secrets/hidden things)
19 The Sun - (good fortune, wellness)
20 Judgement - (an accounting, taking stock, answering for self)
21 The World - (one's surroundings/environment; coming full circle)