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Re: Defending the box


Whenever I feel guilty about a purchase I've made, I think about what I could have done with the money instead. More often than not, I find that I could have just as easily blown it on several meaningless things (cups of coffee or soft drinks and junk food at a nearby 7-11 over the course of the week could easily total $20.00 and eating out one night with a date is usually between $20.00 and 30.00, not including tip). If you buy a groo item for $20.00, it will be with you indefinitely--you can enjoy looking at the lunchbox or reading $20.00 worth of comics for a lifetime--for a onetime investment of $20.00. That dinner (which could suck) is only a couple of hours worth of entertainment, but the lunchbox is the gift that keeps on giving . . .
Whenever I purchase a high-priced item that I want (but could live without) I justify it by substituting that purchase for either another purchase or activity that I would normally have made that week, etc.

But then again, you may be wise not want to take the advice of a guy who chooses a lunchbox over nourishment . . .


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