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Re: Defending the box

Nate Piekos wrote:

> >ME: Never go to that store again.
> ~~~~ It's one of about 3 that I frequent.  but this guy gives me 25% off
> anything in the store, so I get my subscriptions there.
> >Actually, the truth is that the boxes cost a lot more than 2 bucks to
> >make in the quantities that Dark Horse will be running.  I think
> >they're only making 500-1000 so they have to sell for $20.  If we made
> >50,000 like Marvel does, we could bring the cost way down.

So in 5 years time, the lunchboxes' values will be more than $20.00.  So don't
worry Nate,  you're one of the selected few who can buy the lunchbox, unlike
we in Malaysia, where it's difficult to get such kind of item.

Anyway, I agreed(TM) of what Finn Smith typed about this.  From my
experience,  I cannnot trace back where my money went after spending it on
certain items such as movies, junk food, etc.....  Unlike that, buying things
that we can keep made me able to trace back where my money went - to things
such as stamps, first day covers, Groo comic books, clothes, PC etc.  In your
case, you can trace back the money you spent on the Groo lunchbox and the
value of the lunchbox will increase by years.  It's a bit like an investment,
Nate.  Other groopers/ies, what is your opinion?

Azamin, the Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.