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Re: Defending the box

>Anyway, I agreed(TM) of what Finn Smith typed about this.  From my
>experience,  I cannnot trace back where my money went after spending it on
>certain items such as movies, junk food, etc.....  Unlike that, buying things
>that we can keep made me able to trace back where my money went - to things
>such as stamps, first day covers, Groo comic books, clothes, PC etc.  In your
>case, you can trace back the money you spent on the Groo lunchbox and the
>value of the lunchbox will increase by years.  It's a bit like an investment,
>Nate.  Other groopers/ies, what is your opinion?

Wise words, well spoken (uh...typed.) In 1967 I spent $5 for a Grateful
Dead poster. That was alot of money for a high school kid. I just looked it
up at Artrock and they want $1500 for it! Buy the lunchbox, Nate!