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Re: Defending the box & Groo Cards

Hi Folks!

My goodness, such a lot of mail!

I agree with Shane (Econ 101 & Psych 101 in the same message!)

Nate, you are the last person I would think would care what someone else

I agree with Mark!  Never going to that store again!  (unless they give you
a 25% discount on the Lunch box-that's Econ 102)  I also agree with Mark
about the voice people at San Diego. (that's 3 "I agree with's" Gotta be a

btw, Econ 202-The value of the lunch box or comics (or a Grateful Dead
poster) in 20 years has no meaning whatsoever (except as an ego boost-see
Psych 101)  if you never intend to sell them!!!!

If you want to sell your box, I will buy it for $21 the day after you get
it.  That is a 5% profit in one day, which is an annualized rate of return
of 1825%.  You can't beat that and you don't even have to wait 20 years!
(Groo-Econ 401 2/3-if you pass, you fail!)

And the lunch box only costs 4/35th the price of a (sob..sob)  GROO
STATUE!!!!!  (Bawl, bawl, bawl, sob, sob, sniff-HONK!-sniff wipe)  OK, I 'm
t-t-tog-g-gether.  I can go on.

Actually, I still wish the lunch box had been in the shape of Groo's head.
Then you could have fit a thermos bottle right in his nose.  They could have
had a little clamp for it and everything.  Wouldn't that have been cool?

Kevin!!  You are scaring me with your knowledge of Tarot cards!!!!!

A deck of conventional Groo would be cool!  You could either have all the
major chracters bee the various picture cards and have the Groo Crew be each
suit.  "I've got the 10 of Stan."  "Ha!  I beat that! I've got the Ace of
Sergio!"  I guess Groo would have to be the Joker because it can be
worthless and devastating at any given time.

As for San Diego,  You wouldn't want me behind a video camera.  I would Groo
it up somehow, believe me.  And btw, aside from seeing the Groo Crew, I
would have to say the cartoon voice folks was the best part of the
convention for me last year!!  These folks a very nice, very approachable,
and very, very funny.  I'll bet their ad libs are funnier than the scripts
half the time. And  Hokey Smoke!  June Foray will be there!!!!!!

Take care all!!!  -Gary G.  (who has been under the gun a work lately-Don't
those motherless heathens know I'm mourning the damage to my Groo statue?)