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Re: Defending the box

> >  I
> > think this is my last non-comic GROO purchase if the prices don't ease
> >
> Yeah, right! Just wait till Sergio and M.E. finally decide to make those
> action figures......

I'd love to get my hands on a groo lunchbox. I'm willing to shell out a bit
more than 20 USD for it, a phantom menace darth maul 4 inch figure is about
the same price. And I'd rather have a groo lunchbox than one of the
billions of darth maul figures that are grossly overpriced. I should get a
job or something, maybe at a comic shop. I mean, I did buy myself a groo
statue! And the groo pads, which were about $20, right? (They'll all look
cool together on top of my dresser.)
OOooh. Action figures. when those do come out, I'm gonna have to ask
somebody to get some for me too. I had almost given up ever getting an
Usagi Yojimbo figure when I managed to see one in a local comic shop...Of
course, I snatched it up in a jiffy.

my 2 centavos.

p.s. And speaking of garfield, has anyone ever collected the skybox series
one garfield cards? I need one card...
p.s. How much would it cost to if I ask someone from the groop to get me a