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Re: Defending the box

Eric Chun wrote:

> Hi guys/grrls!
> Azamin wrote:
> >you're one of the selected few who can buy the
> >lunchbox, unlike we in Malaysia, where it's
> >difficult to get such kind of item.
> Not really.  You could have ordered it online
> from Westfield.com, which also takes interna-
> tional orders and is more reliable than ordering
> it from a local comic shop, but it's too late
> now ...

What I meant was the difficulties as we have to  include the postage
which doubles the price of the item.  I think the price including the
postage is around $40.00 compared to  the price in the US.  (Maybe I
have to wait for 10 years  for the lunchbox's value to hit $40.00. -
this is a joke).  Sothat's why  those who are living in th US are the
selected few.